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Wednesday, 22 October, 2014

Own a share
of a racehorse

own a racehorse
part own a racehorse with

Thanks to all the members that have bought shares in all our racehorses!

We have already bought five racehorses including our first horse, Fromthestables Com and Who Owns Me who has run really well this season with a number of wins and places under his belt since Charlie Mann took him jumping.

We have also bought a racehorse named Freezone with Bryan Smart who has won two races for us and came second as well. We also now own a jumper with Jim Best called Shipboard Romance.

If you are interested we always have shares available and we are always on the lookout for new owners or part owners who want to get into the racing business.

If you are considering the possibility or are definitely interested in owning a racehorse then please email jason@fromthestables.comto be kept in the loop involving all our planned purchases.

We are looking at another very nice horse that we plan to buy early next year. When most people buy into a syndicate, they also have the ongoing month-to-month costs, as with our five other horses that are much larger shares. For this horse, we plan to offer subscribers part ownership for a one-off cost of £250 per year, with nothing further to pay. The horse will be trained by one of our trainers and visits will be available. If we can get a webcam in the stable, we will!

Each time the horse runs, 20 owners will be invited to attend the meeting as an owner and help cheer it home. You will also receive a framed photo of the horse with your name as the owner. All winnings will be split amongst the owners after expenses, so we all hope for a win in a big race.

We will email all our subscribers when we are ready and when we are happy this horse is looking like a champion.

This offer is only available to subscribers who indicate an interest in their member profile when they join.

If you are not already a member then subscribe today and tick the "Horse Ownership" box to show your interest. We will then contact you when new racehorses become available for purchase at the sales.



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